One year of calculus
Matrix Algebra
Introductory graduate-level statistics
Graduate-level managerial economics or microeconomics
AACSB “MBA Common Body of Knowledge” courses
FNCE 5101 or equivalent (Finance Prerequisite)
MATH 2410Q Differential Equations (Finance Prerequisite. May be taken summer 1st yr)
MATH 2210Q Applied Linear Algebra (Finance Prerequisite)


BADM 6201 Introduction to Research and Teaching (1)

Research Methods (12)

STAT 3375Q Introduction to Mathematical Statistics I (or STAT 5314) (3)
STAT 3445 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics II (of STAT 5315) (3)
TWO semesters of Econometrics (6)
*ECON 5311 and ECON 6311
*ECON 6311 – 6312
*ECON 5311 and ECON 5495

Major Areas of Concentration (20)

FNCE 6200 Workshop in Finance, Real Estate, Insurance, and Health Systems (8)
FNCE 6201 Introduction to Finance Theory and Evidence (3)
FNCE 6202 Corporate and Institutional Finance (3)
FNCE 6203 Theory of Financial Markets and Valuation (3)
FNCE 6204 Empirical Methods in Finance Research (3)

Supporting Courses (12)

ECON 5201 Microeconomics (3)
ECON 5202 (or 6202) Macroeconomics (3)
Electives (6)

(If a candidate has satisfactorily completed some of the course requirements listed under Research Methods and Supporting Courses at the time of entering the program, then the following courses may be substituted with the approval of the Finance Ph.D. Coordinator)
* Two Core MBA Finance Courses from FNCE 5202,5504,5205,5206
* Real Estate and Insurance students would take the equivalent masters level courses (e.g. FNCE 5630)
* Graduate-level microeconomics

Grad School Requirement

GRAD 6950 Dissertation Research (15 cr)