Alumni of the Finance Ph.D. Program

Kristina Lalova, ’23 Ph.D., Michigan State University
Essays on Employee Moral

Samuel Piotrowski, ’23 Ph.D., Norwegian School of Economics
Essays on Firm Resource Allocation

Patrick Gosselin, ’22 Ph.D., Marist College

Zekun Wu, ’21 Ph.D.
Three Essays on the Information Content of Stock Options

Jin Peng, ’20 Ph.D., John Carroll University
Essays on Speculative Bubbles, Cultural Diversity in Mutual Funds, and Pension Risk Transfer

Luchun Ma, ’20 Ph.D., Sun Yat-sen University, China
Three Essays on Executive Compensation, Corporate Policies, and Firm Value

Xiangkun Yao, ’19 Ph.D., Nankai University, China
The Recovery Theory and CEO Risk-Taking

Jieqiong Gao, ’19 Ph.D., New York Institute of Technology (NYIT)
Three Essays of Corporate Finance

Yanhui Zhao,’18 Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Whitewater
Option Markets, Return Predictability and Term Structure

Steven Kozlowski,’17 Ph.D., Fairfield University
Three Essays on Financial Distress and Valuation

Chongyu Wang,’17 Ph.D., University of Florida
Three Essays on the Geography of Finance

Yihong Xiao, ’17 Ph.D., Bridgewater State University
Three Essays on Gender Diversity

Charles Clarke, ’16 Ph.D., University of Kentucky
The Level, Slope and Curve Factor Model for Stocks

Stephen Rush, ’16 Ph.D., Bowling Green State University
Essays on Information Diffusion and Adverse Selection

Dr. Di Huang , ’15 Ph.D., Alma College
Three Essays on CEO Incentives

Tingyu Zhou, ’14 Ph.D., Concordia, Montreal
Three Essays on Decision Making Strategies

Bryan Schmutz, ’13 Ph.D., Western New England University
Essays on Life Insurance and Healthcare Finance

Le (Jerry) Sun, ’13 Ph.D., Alliance Bernstein L.P, NY
Three Essays on External Monitoring and Corporate Decisions

Iskandar Arifin, ’13 Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Three Essays on Equity REITs Cost of Capital

Reilly White, ’13 Ph.D., University of New Mexico
Three Essays on Inside Debt

Aiyaswami Natesa Prasad, ’12 Ph.D., University of Bahrain
Three Essays on R&D: The Effect of Competition and Regulation

Fan He, ’12 Ph.D., Central Connecticut State University
Essays on Investor Protection and the Impact of Globalization of Capital Markets

Alain Krapl, ’12 Ph.D., Northern Kentucky University
Essays in Foreign Exchange Exposure and International Finance

Hieu V. Phan, ’12 Ph.D., Michigan State University
Essays on Corporate Pensions and Failed Takeovers

Vasantharao Chigurupati, ’12 Ph.D., Southern University, Baton Rouge
Essays on Capital Market Frictions: Evidence from Lease Financing

Robert “Scott” Roark, ’11 Ph.D., Boise State University
Three Essays on Corporate Governance: Insights from REITs

Dr. M. Abdullah Sahin, ’11 Ph.D., Istanbul Sehir Universitesi
The Impact of Institutional Ownership and Board Structure on Earnings Management and Acquisition Performance of S&P 500 Index Firms Around Their Addition to the Index

Lisa Anne Cottrell Frank, ’08 Ph.D., Central Connecticut State University
Essays on Real Estate Investment Trusts, Corporate Governance, Institutional Investment, and Corporate Exit Strategies

James Hilliard, ’07 Ph.D., University of Georgia
Issues in Insurance: Capital Structure, Distribution and Market Power

Dr. Neeraj Gupta, ’07 Ph.D., Elon University, North Carolina
Do Stock Prices Reflect the Value of Intangible Investments in Customer Assets

Katsiaryna Salavei, ’07 Ph.D., Fairfield University
Implications of Mistakes in Financial Statements for Short-and Long-Run Returns

Dr. Walker K. Hughen, ’07 Ph.D., University of North Carolina, Charlotte
A Maximal Stochastic Volatility Model for Commodity Prices

Ravi Mateti, ’07 Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
Essays on Pricing of Derivatives with Interest Rate, Credit, and Equity Risks

Dr. Hugh Colaco, ’06 Ph.D., Aston Business School, England
Essays on Initial Public Offerings

Rupendra Paliwal, ’05 Ph.D., Sacred Heart University
Essays on Market Liquidity, Agency Costs and Takeovers

Dr. Mine Ertugrul, ’05 Ph.D., University of Toledo
Essays on Agency Problems and Corporate Governance

Min-ming Wen, ’04 Ph.D., National Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan
Pricing Insurance Policies and Insurance Equities with the Rubinstein-Leland Model

Christopher Barry Malone, ’03 Ph.D., Massey University – New Zealand
Essays on Corporate Fraud and Securities Class Action Suits

Zhilan Feng, ’03 Ph.D., Union Graduate College, Schenectady, NY
Three Essays on Equity Carve-out

Sansanee Thebpanya, ’03 Ph.D., Bangkok University
Essays on Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities

Erasmo Giambona, ’03 Ph.D., University of Amsterdam
Performance Measurement Under Differential Information

Ozcan Sezer, ’02 Ph.D., University of Toledo
Empirical Investigations on Share Repurchase Programs by Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Robert Dubil, ’01 Ph.D., University of Utah
The Modeling Of Liquidity In The Value-At-Risk Framework

Dev R. Mishra, ’01 Ph.D., University of Saskatchewan
Essays On International Corporate Finance

John Matthew Halstead, ’01 Ph.D., Trident International University, CA
Two Essays On The Contagion Vs. Competitive Effects Of Bankruptcy Announcements: Case Studies Of Orange Country, California, And Long-Term Capital Management

Kathy Czyrnik, ’01 Ph.D., Central Connecticut State University
The Decline Of Glass-Stegall: Deregulation And Its Impact On Financial Institutions

John B. McDermott, ’00 Ph.D., Fairfield University
Essays On Liquidity In Financial Markets

Titos Ritsatos, ’99 Ph.D., College of Mount Saint Vincent, NY
Market Reaction To Open-Market Stock Repurchase Announcements; Evidence From The Insurance Industry

Robert Douglas Campbell, ’99 Ph.D., Hofstra University
Shareholder Returns In Mergers And Acquisitions: The Case Of Real Estate Investment Trusts

Demissew Diro Ejara, ’98 Ph.D., University of New Haven
ADR IPOS And Impact Of ADR Listing On Stock Market Development

Debabrata (Raja) Nag, ’98 Ph.D., University of New Haven
Financing Choice, Pricing And Capital Structure Issues Of Real Estate Investments Trusts (REITS)

Candy Ann Bianco, ’98 Ph.D., Bentley College
Are Bank Regulators ‘Insiders’ Or Outsiders?

Jian Shang, ’97 Ph.D.
Asset Pricing

Chiuling Lu, ’97 Ph.D., National Chengchi University
Three Essays On Real Estate Investment Trust Return And Risk

Jonathan F. Dombrow, ’97 Ph.D., DePaul University
Theil’s Nonparametric Estimation In Event Study Methodology

Susan Mangiero, ’97 Ph.D., Fiduciary Leadership LLC
Are Institutional Investors And Analysts Informed Traders? An Empirical Examination

Gayle Ann Russell, ’95 Ph.D., TIAA-CREF
Pricing Default-Free Bonds: Application Of A Binomial Model And Empirical

Edward George Myskowski, ’95 Ph.D., CT Housing Finance Authority
The Effects Of Lloyd’s Earnings Announcement

Carlos Zambrano Jaramillo, ’94 Ph.D., IESA Venezuela
The Pricing Of Latin Syndicated Loans: An Application Of The Arbitrage Pricing Theory

Gerson M.Goldberg, ’94 Ph.D., Northeastern University
Optimal Portfolio Allocation Of A Lumpy Asset In The Presence Of Transaction Costs

Mauricio Rodriguez, ’94 Ph.D., Texas Christian University
Corporate Real Estate Investment Decisions: Evidence From Headquarters Relocations And Management Turnover

Stephen Guttery, ’94 Ph.D., University of North Texas
On Contagion, Monitoring, And Financial Distress: Confounding Real Estate Events’ Effects On Financial Institutions’ Seasoned Common Stock Values

James Barrett Ross, ’92 Ph.D., Radford University, Virginia
Insolvency, Life Insurance Guaranty Associations, And Contagion

Gwo-Duan David Jou, ’92 Ph.D., National Taiwan University
An Impact Of International Risk Factors On The Determination Of The Insurance Industry Capital Asset Pricing: An Implication Of The Apt

Mary Morrison Cutler, ’91 Ph.D., Central Connecticut State University (Retired)
Multinational Enterprises And Costs Of Capital

James M.Sfiridis, ’91 Ph.D., University of Connecticut
Two Essays On A New Event Study Methodology

Dogan Tirtiroglu, ’91 Ph.D., University of Adelaide, Australia
Information Processing By Markets And Market Efficiency

Kathleen Margaret Brown, ’89 Ph.D., University of Maryland Eastern Shore
A Model Of The Pricing Decision For Local Telecommunications